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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I've got one of the larger tubes and have used it on several installs now. I've been using the "pea shaped blob" method with it and haven't had a mount that I felt needed to be redone. To me that speaks volumes. I like the fact that I'm getting a consistant mount and will continue to use this over the other TIMs I currently have available.
Funny you should mention that. One of the comments that I have repeatedly heard from "heavy users", is that they feel they get a consistent mount with the ICD. The first time you use it, it's certainly not what most are used to in the viscosity department. Small learning curve for sure, but once folks get the "feel" of using it, then things tend to work famously from that point on and we tend to have what I call "committed, impassioned customers." Plus, for the frequent hardware messer arounder, the fast results are worth their weight

I think what most folks tend to overlook or simply don't realize, is that it takes an enormous effort to develop TIM that increases thermal conductivity to the point where you will see even a 2C improvement over another top compound. 5 times better conductivity does not translate to 5 times lower just doesn't work that way. For a TIM to improve by just a few degrees means it is working very hard. There are TIMs that could potentially offer even better thermal performance than the top 3, but they tend to have more drawbacks then benefits.

Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
I'm tempted to pick up a larger tube over whatever I have left in the small tube. I agree with SSwilson that a pea shaped blob is all you need. A good even coat of it spread over the IHS provided me with great temps after a day or so.
You have no idea how much of this stuff I go through personally! I've lathered just about every chip in sight and it's working just amazingly as a thermal pad substitute for delicate PWM work as well. We've had simply outstanding results in the notebook repair area and even game console repair.

Pea sized blob has worked best by and large for the vast majority of users. If you want even better temps, there is a demonstrated direct impact of how much pressure your heat sink can apply to the CPU. Intel safe max is 75PSI and will net you more gains, but if you have pressure on the light side, usually some time will help to improve temps. Of course, good contact is also key, but that's another story.

Just a heads up...I've done some testing for my own personal interests and I've found that ICD works EXTREMELY well with HDT coolers. I think it has to do with the spacing fins in between the heat pipes, but I pre-wet the base of the cooler with some ICD using the tip of the nozzle, filling in the small gaps between the heat pipes (doesn't take much). I sometimes apply a slight haze over the entire base of the cooler as the heat pipes usually aren't polished very well. Then, just use the blob method as usual. I have my QX9650 with a Gladiatory MAX running at 3910Ghz with max temps at about 60-62 in a 23C-24C room at about 1.34v using Prime95 ( I think I can bring the volts down, just haven't tried yet). Not bad for air! Plus, I think the Gladiator MAX is the wrong cooler for best performance on 775...Vendetta 2 would probably work better due to the size and heatpipe contact area. I'll try that next. Oh, and this is using the stock push pin mounting, so I know there's more to be gained when I switch over to a bolt thru kit.

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