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Is it worth it? That's entirely subjective based on the individual. But what we try to convey to folks that goes mostly overlooked, is performance AND reliability AND stability AND safety, all in one package.

If you had a lawnmower that mowed better than any other...great! But what if every time you used it, it performed less and less like the first time and eventually just broke down? So great performance is....well great! But being able to consistently keep that level of performance and depend on it is another thing. If you have a compound that gives you some better or equal temperature performance and you know it will still perform as good, not break down and be stable years later, then you have more of a reason to re-examine if the effort and cost is worth it. For some, it's not and for others it absolutely is.

Like I said, completely subjective. Personally, even if performance was equal and not better, as a consumer, I would choose the one that adds reliability, stability and safety in addition to even the same performance. I mean, why not if it's not degrading performance? But when the hundreds of tests average to show noticeable improvement, it just sweetens the pot. Hardware is expensive, TIM is relatively cheap by comparison.

Just my 2 cents.

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