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I don't have a problem starting from scratch and doing quests. If I didn't I wouldn't be in on this. I also plan on making a blizzard or meteorb sorc so I have to start that char.

However, I stand by my comment on melee chars - they are more equipment dependent and I find mine getting killed left and right without the right equipment. You're always relegated to tanking in the thick of the fighting and when you die, you're pretty impotent until you get your body back. Your mana pool is small so without leech you're going to be low on mana all the time. Pots don't help much when you're only going to restore 50 mana per pot. It's no surprise to me that most people are choosing casters as their first char. I'm assuming you assassins are going as traps.

I did pick up some +skills rare items for druids and necros along the way. I planned on giving to you guys, but from the sounds of it you guys won't want them!
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