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My System Specs


Yep, seems the first run was the worst, had a 9FPS dip :( After that though it seemed alright. Did you run the 280's on a 775 board at first? Was there a major difference in FPS? I'm hoping to upgrade in the next month or so.
I did have the single 280 and 280 SLI running on a Evga 780i Board with an E8400 OC'd to 4 Ghz - The Benchmark numbers (written on scraps of paper in a pile somewhere) are on par with taking the I7 numbers I provided and dropping approx. 15 FPS from the single and SLI numbers....sorry, lost that info.

The one Benchmark where there isn't a huge difference running multi GPU's is the Crysis Warhead Benchmark
1920 x 1200 - Enthusiast - no AA - Tri Sli 280's = 61 FPS
16xAA = 31 FPS
Yes, their was a pretty significant change in score going from E8400 to I7.....for FC2 anyhow, but I understand it is optimized for Multi thread.

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