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Originally Posted by Linus View Post
There's a fair bit of misinformation in here that I think needs to be addressed.

- $500 is not a mid-range graphics card. It never has been.
- You do not need the same graphics card. You can use one from a different manufacturer, one with a different clock speed, one with a different firmware, etc, etc, etc
- The performance boost is not minimal. The general rule that I've observed is that 2x prev. generation cards at price point X is approximately equal to 1x current generation card at price point X. Basically you're able to get next gen performance out of old gen cards.
- Onboard graphics are not reasonably good, and hybrid SLI/Crossfire are utterly useless. They are not even supported by Windows 7.
Couldn't have said it any better! Hybrid SLI generally sucks! I like to use dedicated graphics cards for all of my computing tasks
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