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My System Specs


I LOVES my multi-gpu setup.

Anyways a 7900 GTX at the time was a top of the line GPU and by far not mid-range. I used to own a 7600 GT that was mid-range. Also SLI during the 7000 series was horrible and I never considered it. Now there are huge performance gains and I can notice a much smoother gameplay experience. Although I am biased at running at 2560 x 1600 so I need the horse power to run at that res. I have personally experienced almost double the frame rate in some games. In others there isn't much of a gain.

Also of coarse a 7900 GTX SLI is going to be worse then a single 4870 because the 7900 GTX is very old. You are talking about 3 generations ago which is a long time in computer time.

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