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My System Specs


Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Certainly don't need to go to Toms for results, I have my own in many Benchmarks...i'll provide you with a sample
Benchmark - FC2 Short Ranch 1920 x 1200 All Ultra 8xAA
Single GTX 280 - 38 FPS avg
GTX 280 x 2 SLI - 72 FPS avg
GTX 280 x 3 Tri Sli - 93 FPS avg

Thier you have it, one example.....I'm not going to Post all of my Benches again..(they're here somewhere on this Forum)....
Your Post is really not accurate at all...comparing anything to an ancient 7xx Series SLI arrangement is like comparing 5 yr old CPU power to the present..."whats the point"??

SLI is absolutely, without a doubt, a great option for GPU / Gaming enthusiasts...I tend to find the folks that keep stating a "Powerful Single Card Solution" is better than SLI are those that really know nothing about SLI, except stuff they read on the Net....they have no "experience" with it....I believe the numbers I posted are "proof" enough of the potential of multi GPU's...

btw....I had great results going from single to SLI on a Duo Core E8400 OC'd as well...
I would argue a single high end card is better than 2-3 mid range cards, for 1 simple reason. You can get 3 high end cards :P. Seriously though, it all depends, perhaps 2 cards in SLI will yield more fps than a single card that's much more expensive. Personally, I'd rather have 1 great card that performs as well as 2 good cards, more room for upgrade. But looking at your results, you're getting better gains than I do with my 8800 ultras, which simply proves SLI has gotten much more efficient between the 8000 and the 200 series.
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