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Originally Posted by fletchoid View Post
Re: the price of a mid range card 3-4 years ago. I will not dispute the comments on price of an older video card (7900GTX; 2006). I know that I paid WAY too much for my 7900 GTX, and probably could have got a much better deal. Also, my definition of “mid range” is probably skewed because the top of the line card available from the overpriced supplier I purchased my card from, cost double what I paid for my card (which I paid too much for). So, I concede your point on price.

Re: performance increase when two cards are linked in SLI. See the following link:,603.html?prod[1677]=on&prod[1668]=on&prod[1671]=on&prod[1678]=on&prod[1670]=on&prod[1669]=on

I regularly play Oblivion, and occasionally play Half Life 2. The improvements achieved by linking two 7900GTX cards in SLI, don’t impress me. They do not approach “2X” the fps. My son and I both have the same card, so I tried SLI with both cards in my computer, and found that for about $300 bucks, I could purchase an ATI 4870 card and get much better performance with ONE card, and not end up overtaxing my power supply. Sure, if I buy the latest CPU (Intel i7) and motherboard (P45 chipsets and above) I can get better fps from an SLI configuration, (especially if I link 3 cards together) but in my opinion, the whole point of SLI is to achieve much better fps without upgrading the whole damn computer.

Re: onboard graphics with Hybrid graphics. The whole point of Hybrid graphics, is that when you are doing things like surfing the net, checking your email, and other low power activities, you use only the onboard graphics, which work very well for these activities. Then, when you fire up Crysis, your state of the art graphics card kicks in and boosts the performance to the level required to play the game. As for what Windows 7 supports; I plead ignorance, as I will not be getting my copy of Win7 until October. However, wrt Hybrid graphics, does it make sense to use the Ferrari to drive to the store to buy a litre of milk? Why not have on board graphics to do the easy things, and then boost performance with a high end card? The whole computer industry is pushing energy conservation with lower powered CPUs. If a hundred million people save a Watt every day….. 100,000,000 Watts a day saved.

I will admit that my next motherboard will be Crossfire compatible, because I like the idea that I can buy a newer card, and it will work with my older card, even if the model is different. This makes more sense to me than trying to find a “similar” model to my old graphics card (maybe the newer SLI motherboards are more forgiving than my mobo).

All source engine games are heavily cpu based, and as far as i know have no crossfire/sli support anyways.
What most people dont realise about slots running at 8x and 16x is the difference between pcie 1.1 and 2.0. 2.0 doubled the bandwidth, meaning a pcie 2.0 slot running at 8x STILL provides the same bandwidth as a pcie 1.1 slot running at 16x, which as far as i know no card maxes out yet.
And 500$ was never midrange, id hardly call a 7900gtx mid range. Doing proper price comparisons works wonders.
I cant say anything for sli performance gains as ive never had an sli setup, however crossfire DOES give pretty remarkable results. Obviously not every game doubles in fps with the additional card, but on average i see an increase of around 50-60%. And i think cod4 was actually one of the games that did in fact double in fps. Simply because the very few games you play dont take advantage od sli/crossfire, it doesnt mean the gains are non existent, dead, nor useless.
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