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Originally Posted by badatcards View Post
I pause my GPU when i play COD4 but i leave my CPU folding because it only uses about 25% of it.It only takes a few seconds to get a WU(Work Unit) ,while your PC is working on the WU you do not have to be hooked up to the net ,but to send back the results you have to be on the net and that only takes a few seconds to.
.. So, you don't need a GPU to fold? your CPU can do it? I assume i would get some good PPD's out of my rig if i set it up eh? And thats good to hear it dosent eat bandwith, i love my BF 2142 game.

Maybie i will try out F@H for a month or 2. From what i have read the GUI based interfase isnt as good as the text one. am i right?
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