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Originally Posted by Overclocker~4.1 View Post
now, from what i have read F@H is nothing but protein calculations and such. but I want to know, what is the end result of all these people F@H? is it a simple hobby? something some one decided to make up? Or does it have some sort of real world goal?

Stanford university is using all our PCs to solve complex math problems that would take 1 PC 30 years to solve but with thousands of PCs working on the question it only takes days to solve it.To some it is a hobby and might just fold under their name and not have a team but to others a game where teams try to get as much points as they can to get higher up the ladder of teams and some do it just to help research in hopes to cure cancer and might not even use a username or team.I think of it as a game that is trying to cure cancer that turned into a hobby that is very addicting. This might help tell you more about F@H Folding@home - Main
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