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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
Can you say how high the hot-swappable drive bay section is? Does it look like it can b easily removed?
Hey Bab's

The section for the hot-swap is secured in there. It is part of the case and can't be removed. Your also not able to take off the back to use the space if you have no hard drive's in there :(

Originally Posted by silent1mezzo View Post
Wish I had money for WC....That case wouldn't be fully utilized without it...
Agree'd 100% - Having this case with a simply air cooling does not do it justice. It seems to be really weel laid out for watercooling without any modifications it would be painful to not utilize it. That said it is pretty dead sexy and I wouldn't blame someone if they bought it even with air cooling :P

Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
is there room for a top mounted psu.. One thing I liked about this case is (there might be, I haven't seen though) of having 3 120mm fans up top, right out of the box.. enough space for even a feser rad with fans blowing out to be fitted there, and man those are some many cutouts they have for wire management..)
Did you mean room for a top mounted rad. I definitely don't think it would fit a full sized ATX power supply, but a top mounted triple rad is no problems, and it should be able to fit a triple rad inside WITH fans inside without issue. This is something we will be covering in the full video review.

Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
Don't know if it's just me but the majority of it the blacks are far too dark, so its rather impossible to see any of the fine details that you mention. However near the end when you talk about the radiator, it's far brighter and I'm able to see all the details.
Ya :( Unfortunately It was actually HARDER to do a quicker review as I had to revise the scheme for how I filmed, the lighting etc. I was using camera settings for a different lighting setup so long story short, you will notice that some of the bits have very black blacks, and others are more normalized.

Sorry about this, it really was a short preview though, a couple hours to toss together rather than the typical 30+

The full product showcase will definitely be better

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