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My System Specs


I have gotten it to work, but I use a dual-monitor configuration, with one connected to a GTX 275, and another monitor connected to the 4890. Whichever monitor is set to #1 will be the one which 3d rendering takes place.

I did this for two reasons:

1) Folding@home - worked
2) PhysX on nVidia board - worked until 190 forceware, and now nVidia checks to see if there is a non-nVidia card in, and disables PhysX (!!!). Silly of them. Actually limits their marketshare IMHO.

The only caveat is that nVidia Control panel and Ati CCC do not work on the monitor that is on the opposite card. So if Monitor #1 is on the nVidia card, CCC will not load on that screen. It would have to load on screen #2 where the ATI card is connected.

With a single monitor config I can't comment.
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