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Originally Posted by Varroa View Post
A single 4870 or Nvidia equivalent will allow you to run most games at max settings on a 22inch LCD (1680x1050), therefore SLI or crossfire is not needed or obsolete for most people because you don't need SLI/crossfire to get playable frame rates with all eye candy turned.
I agree that for most people, it still holds true that you're probably better off getting a single card. However, at the same time for enthusiasts, SLI/Crossfire has also greatly improved. The performance bump can be significant, especially if you like AA and compatibility issues, driver problems and even micro-stuttering issues are far less common nowadays. I used to almost never recommend it to the more casual enthusiasts I know, but now I do think of it more as a serious option for them. So the thread title is kind of silly because if anything SLI/Crossfire has become more relevant than it ever has recently.
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