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Popular is subjective. My oc thread has had some decent views (~2,200) and got stickied, so by that token could be considered popular and helpful, but I haven't posted much for the past year so I doubt most new members know me. It's irrelevant now with i7 but at one time it wasn't (note to self - make an i7 thread).

I think it's commendable that whoever was interviewed decided to share the recognition to the entire forum and celebrated the community, rather than the individual. I agree that there are a few amazing users who help everyone out a little more than others, but if we didn't have the large number of regular/new members asking questions, those 'helpers' would be nothing (extreme example, apologies for the hyperbole).

I feel that if you choose to recognize one person, you should rightly recognize everyone who contributes...which means all of HWC. The forum wouldn't be the great forum without everyone's contribution, be it the person asking the question or the one answering.

And that kind of exchange draws a lot of members who don't post but simply read the threads for their own enjoyment/education as well, which is quite important too.
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