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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
Shame, maybe we would've gotten sponsored deals back again that way. I guess RFD will have them from now on....
If I have to pimp a manufacturer / retailer in order to get them to support our forum members in any way, shape or form, that company does not deserve to be mentioned...ever. If NCIX thought it was within their best interest to begin the sponsored deals again, they would have.

i, personally, would try to respond in as best a manner possible - instead of sidestepping the question "We don't have any popular poster on our form".
So on a forum that is so inclusive we are supposed to single out contributions and contributors as being "popular"? As I said in the interview, everyone pulls their own weight around here and we are better off for it. If this was a popularity contest like some forums are, I wouldn't be here anymore nor would most of the other members.
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