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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
Shouldn't mentioned "Mr quotable" here, and +1 to what he said. "No Flame wars"? Really? AMD vs Intel never happens? lol. Riiiiiight.
Around here we very rarely get out-of-control flame wars be it ATI vs Nvidia or Intel vs AMD. People debate the issues as they are rather than letting loyalties to a certain manufacturer get in the way.

Probably could've gotten some brownie points by mentioning NCIX somewhere in there...
No way, no how. No free advertising from us.

And the "Most popular posters" is fairly obvious, but I guess it wasn't worth singling out anyone Other than 3oh6 (no offense dude). lol.

Seriously, what is a "popular" poster? Everyone has posts that stand out for good or bad and everyone here contributes pretty equally to the community. Singling people out for being "popular" is too high schoolish for me.
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