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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
Oh, and way to wuss out on the questions. Might as well have said 'no comment' :D
Shouldn't mentioned "Mr quotable" here, and +1 to what he said. "No Flame wars"? Really? AMD vs Intel never happens? lol. Riiiiiight.

Probably could've gotten some brownie points by mentioning NCIX somewhere in there...

And the "Most popular posters" is fairly obvious, but I guess it wasn't worth singling out anyone Other than 3oh6 (no offense dude). lol.

Still though, I'm not too sure about this e-mag. I mean, they don't even like poutine

Edit: PS: One thing that is very true about the article though: Our HwBot rank is slipping! We were supposed to be trying to break the top 100 teams worldwide! I think I'm gonna go bump that thread.... lol
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