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Depends on what time you plan to play, but I'd love to join in if I can. I usually play a Sorceress.

With regards to the resolution issue brought up above: 800x600 is the highest supported resolution. There is a hack to use higher resolutions in single player mode. I don't remember where to get it offhand, but I'm sure Google can turn it up for you if you want it.

I've been told it is considered cheating to use it in multiplayer, and the servers can apparently even detect it by tracking how often your client requests new map tiles.

I'm not a big Diablo guy so I might be getting this a little wrong, but my understanding of the reason is this: The visuals do not scale along with resolution, so using a higher resolution just gives you a larger view area. Blizzard felt that gave an unfair advantage to people with hardware supporting high resolutions, so they prevented use of higher resolutions.
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