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I'm guessing the OP has 7-series cards? Maybe even lower, which is why he probably feels SLI is garbage since it was and still is for those cards. Or this so-called $500 mid-range card was some sort of rip-off that the OP got sucked into.

Without details it's hard to judge IMO. There's many factors to consider both hardware and software wise. The motherboard settings need to be correct, the SLI connector fitted properly and the latest drivers installed with the SLI enabled. If the games he runs don't really support SLI or he runs like 800x600 resolution. Then yeah, SLI is pretty useless.

You need modern games, maximum settings in-game with AA and AF, along with a fairly high resolution to really see SLI churn out some performance gains.

Though SLI marketing is a gimmick, you do not need a SLI certified PSU or case or whatever else. Only the motherboard needs to have it.
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