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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
Thanks for all the comments. It is pretty good cable management, but I know it could be just a little better.

ToXic, the HAF 922 seems large inside, I can't imagine now how big the 932 must be!

Sagath, sweet price on the TX750. I was going to buy the TX850 until I saw the price that DirectCanada had them on for, $178. I couldn't resist. The review on HWC also sealed the deal. I have a TX750 in my old rig, which will be passed on to a friend, and hiding the mass of cables is a chore, especially in an Antec 900! :help:

I am now testing 190 x 20, in fact Prime95 is running small ffts in behind this window! Temps are running mid 70s on 1+2, 72 on 3 and 70 on 4. 8 threads pounding away! Wow, it is amazing the power of this chip.

man the 932 is a beast... alot of open space though... room for more fans lol.
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