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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Kilauea View Post
So, there is 18Amps on the +12V, that's quite minimal. Besides its a brand I have never heard of. I wouldn't go cheap on the PSU and surely get a known brand such as a Corsair 450VX or 550, that way you are sure that the whole computer is safe because a PSU is really the most important part of a computer even tho it serves "no apparent" purpose.
Well said. I dont know how many people Ive had to cram this knowledge down their throats. They dont understand why having a $50 piece of garbage powering $1000 worth of top end hardware is a bad idea.

And UPS's. $100 bucks for a decent UPS to protect 2000 worth of hardware seems pritty reasonable to me. Everyone always worries about surges, and gets a power bar, but what happens when you get a brown out? And brown outs happen way more often then surges do. Ditch the surge bar, and get a UPS. Jeeze.
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