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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I've been playing D2 with LoD ever since the original and expansion came out off and on. The only thing that makes me stop playing after a while is the loot system (pain in the ass to have to click EVERYTHING as it drops if your playing with people) or well the fact you have to run Diablo or Baal on the hardest difficulty to get a chance of the nice crap to wear
Never heard of Pit runs? It's in the Tamoe Highlands I believe in Act I. Those are amazing runs to find runes, superior elite socketables and very rare items! Monsters are level 95 in that area I believe, so anything drops. I found two Jah runes, plently of Harlequin's Crests and all of the sets in there. If you want to find runes you gotta lower your mf, so by putting on your dueling gear you can rape all the monsters in there in no time. Or you could just build a Hammerdin haha.
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