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My System Specs

Smile Dwayne's New Computer

Hello all, I bit the bullet and without regard for cheaper prices once the i5s hit the shelves I went ahead and bought a new i7 system.

Parts are:

Coolermaster HAF922
i7 920 D0
Mushkin XP3-12800 Xtreme Performance Tri Channel kit (3x2GB)
2 WD 640 Black in RAID 0
1 Seagate 500 GB 7200.1 with 32M cache as the backup drive
TSST Corp (Samsung) DVD RW
Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus with 2 Scythe 1900 rpm fans push/pull
Corsair HX850 Power Supply

Moved from my old rig are the BFG GeForce GTX 295 and Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music.

I started the build last night and finished up this morning.

Installed PS and then HDs

The case is a snap to work in and the tool-less features make installation go quickly.

This morning I gathered the MB, CPU, HS and fans and started to install them.

Lots of clearance around the socket for this push/pull combo. And a very clean and neat board too. A little odd that there is no eSATA on the back plate, but I could scrounge something if I need it real bad I guess.

A shot of the interior as I installed the board.

Loads of room to work, a joy coming from an Antec 900.

Here is the final install wiring cleaned up.

And a shot of the back, which had no trouble with the side panel... no help needed to close it at all!

And here are a couple of shots showing the Antec 900 next to the HAF 922.

Longer, wider and taller... a monster - and this is the baby brother case!

I have just started to play with the beast, it flashed up with no problems at all. I set the RAID up and installed Windows 7 without a hitch... just the way it should be. The idle temps at stock are around 38/38/41/37 and after a couple of hours of Prime95 running blend the top temps were 58-60 across the 4 cores.

I do have an issue with CPUZ showing my Mushkin RAM as PC3-10700 part # 991679 (998679) because the web site shows 998679 as PC3-12800. I clocked them up to 1600 and they are running 7-8-7-20 74 T1 and survived the blended Prime95 but I wonder why they are not reporting right in CPUZ.

Next step will be ramping up the chip to 3.6 GHz and seeing how it handles.

Someone may notice, I hooked up my front panel USBs to the Firewire header. Not a good thing. I am not sure how my flash drive survived when I plugged it in, but I lucked out and did no damage! Overconfident on hooking up the bits, I should have had a quick refresh on the headers. No harm done, but another lesson learned.

Thanks for reading and watch for my OC adventures in the appropriate forum!
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