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Originally Posted by ToXic View Post
hmm isnt liquid silicone a non conductor? you could run pure liquid silicone.
Actually Siloxanes are one class of chemical I must totally avoid.All the seals are 'silicone' so they will dissolve in a silicone oil.....


Thx everyone.Yep , mistakes are part of learning.

S'all good tho.

From all appearances , Anhydrous Ethanol is a drop-in replacement for's a little 'harsher' on the 'materials compatability' area , a little bit more flammable , but allround it should be no problem.It's thinner than Iso when cold , and it's MP is -112 C ...

A quick note about using booze (Ethanol).

While yes , I could run pure (un-denatured) anhydrous alcohol that you could drink , I'll be doing my best to use undrinkable , "denatured ethanol " , and here's why : if you can drink it it's taxed very heavily.Might double the cost.

The important thing is that , whatever they add to denature it (usually methanol) has to be non-conducting as well.

I have hunted down Canada's Industrial Alcohol leader : Comalc

They will have an email from me waiting for them monday morn.

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