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Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post
It's not the motherboard.

I can now tell you exactly what the problem is.

I'm a bonehead , is what the problem is.

I committed the mother of all f*(kups , way back in the design stages of this project....I made an assumption.

Murphy does not suffer assumptions , and well , I got burned.

I assumed that because I made the k6-450 work in 99% Iso , that it did not conduct...and this is not true....(In all fairness I have several textbooks that state pure alcohols do not conduct).

Bottom line , I did not double check , and well....I'm stupid for not doing so.


I did the double check research today tho.

Lo-and-behold , Isopropanol is one of the most conductive alcohols.

Check this out : Fluid Conductivity

Iso is listed as a 'good conductor' .

Some lessons must be learned the hard way.Ah well , It's all good.


This list does however suggest my next 2 choices !!

Anhydrous Acetone should work , and interestingly ( because misterlarry suggested it ) anhydrous Ethanol should also work.

I am going to look into suppliers for these materials.

It's ok dude... no one would learn anything if they didn't make mistakes. You'll hit a homerun with this rig before long... you threw yourself a curve ball and still took a swing at it. Besides with the amount of thought and time invested into your setup It's easy to miss the simple things.

Next time we could try pure russian vodka... and if it doesnt work well we can drink it! :P