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Just some randoms of the stuff...

Hmm... energy drinks ftw!

Now, I had to remove ALL the case fans from my case for this PSU to fit in... I think I would have to for any PSU though...

Next, yes an odd order of things... Place the RAM into the motherboard prior to putting the motherboard in my case.

Slapped the motherboard in, screwed it in diagnally from corners to begin, than moved clockwise around.

Power cord is nice n tight!

PCIe1 Sound Card is in!

Back of the case now:

And I kinda won't need this PCI slot, so I'll throw on the extra USB ports and firewire!

Nice start n stop buttons on the board, lotsa cable management to ensue afterwards.

Back view again:

Side view, shows why I need cable management.

Can't wait to put a CPU here... just waiting on payday!

Front of the case... I needa take my DVD-RW outta my other PC... lol

Won't run outta mounting hardware methinks:

Will add more ata later point!

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