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Default Starting Έρεβος

Well as I had said, I'm making a worklog for my new rig that I'm building and starting without all the parts because I have the ones that I'll be slapping in the case before anything else.

All pictures are clickable to see in full size!
Current components:
Thermaltake Armor VA8000BWS
Coolermaster Hyper 212+ HSF
Mushkin HP3 DDR3 1600 Mhz 4GB Dual Channel kit
ASUS R.O.G. Crosshair III 790FX
Corsair TX850W
AMD Phenom II X4 955

No pictures as of JUST yet but so far I've already opened everything (I'm impatient...)
My case had been sitting around for a few years in an old shed so she had some rust on 'er. Broke out the dremel and cleaned that up than sprayed her out with aerosol carbon dioxide.

Removed the stock backplate and heatsink brace from the motherboard. Removed most of the parts from my case (Hard drive racks, fans in annoying places to get stuff around, etc.

Realized that my Corsair TX850W is going to be a pain to fit in this case... will update as soon as I get the camera fully charged up and ready to go.

EDIT: Here come some pictures!

Before readying everything up

Yes, I know the RAM isn't there, I forgot it in the other room...

All sprawled out on the dining table

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