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My System Specs


DELL XPS LAPTOP!! Pentium 4 3.4GHz 15.4" Titanium NR!!! on (item 170369465342 end time 13-Aug-09 21:15:09 EDT)

That would be my setup exactly except the hard drive is a pinch bigger but mine has a dvd burner. I would be including a pci wireless card too and the backpack rather than doing a different auction. If he can get 320$US I don't see why I shouldn't get any less with an included fancy backpack and dvd burning capability. Does a Stewie bumber sticker reduce value? oops..
That one even has the toasted battery like mine.

I also have all original discs and manuals, which sounds nice on a resale point since I'd seem collected enough to keep what is important.
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