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u cood if u wanted to modify the middle tray fit the boreas in the bottum.i was thinkin of that if i get anutther boreas.


2= same answer as cowboy

3=yes i've read reveiws of folks runnin a single boread 2 the cpu /daul vga's with good results.

but u can also get a ddb cooler frum coolit and run 1 card off of it and frum the boreas run 1 cpu and v card,im also thinkin of that .

the ddb cooler is a daul drive bay cooler and there are reviews of it runnin 2 4870x2 with very good results

dont mind my attemt at piant tryin to show the sizes i never used it for that b4

i'm sure the boreas is rated at 600+ watts of coolin pwer
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Man all this computor stuff is 2 addicting.Even thou i dont need 2 i allways wanna upgrade.
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