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1. yes it can and has been done in the past. People claim idle temps go up, whilst load temps go down. It should work well so long as you have a decent pump.

2. Yes, however you would have to re-fill the system yourself. I do not know if coolit uses all copper or aluminum in its boreas so you'd have to figure it out if you wanted to avoid galvanic corrosion. Oh and by taking apart the system your warranty becomes null and void.

3. With a rated heat capacity of ~500w, I think so... depending on the GPU's. Keep in mind that the freezone elite was rated for 300 or so and only managed about 200w during testing. If you added a rad to the loop, I'm positive it would give better load temps than just water cooling by itself. Is it worth the cost? That's up to you.

4. No. Not even close.

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