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My System Specs


First of all, drop the Hyper-X if you plan OC this memory isn't what you are seacrhing for. Get some G.skill, Corsair, Mushkin memory these are killer for OC. Second you can get same PSU from other brand stick with corsair enermax and antec for less then the seasonic one. You can also save on the board by getting other brand then EVGA wich I think you paid only for the name.
Now for your question. Try to look at fan with good airflow, Noctua are expensive but they are killer fan for this type of usage. Yateloon also play the game really well.
IMO, It's better to have no fan infront of the cooler becasue these fan will *** up all the airflow, most of the time side fan are just fashion or to blow air in top sided cpu heatsink. Stick with the big fan wich you put on a fan controller and let it run very low so it wont scrap all your airflow and will be much more silent vs 4 or 3 120.
In side panel then you can get scythe slip stream 120mm they are silent and have a medium aiflow so it;s probably the best or noctualike this one with smaller prop. - Buy Noctua NF-S12B FLX 120MM Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan 600-1200RPM 49.2-100.6M3/H 6.2-18.1DBA Molex - Noctua NF-S12B-FLX In Canada.

Ask if you need more adivce.
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