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Default Can't get windows to install

I am still trying to get this PC of mine working, but it just isn't working... I also don't want to cough up $50 for a professional to do it for me lol. Anyways, I just formated my HDD, and when I am half way through the installation, it dies. I get a blue screen but I DONT THINK it's the BSOD. The words are not centered like they are with the BSOD, the are left aligned and say "Windows shut down to prevent damage to the system" and "If this is the first time you have seen this screen...blah blah drivers" however, there are no drivers because there is no OS yet. Anyone know what's wrong?

Intel Q9550 E0
ASUS Rampage Extreme
4GB DDR3 1600MHz Mushkin
Seagate Baracuda 500GB 7200.11
Sapphire 4870X2 w/ arctic cooling accelero extreme
PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750w

NOTHING in the bios has been touched.
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