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Unlimited use, no time limits. They are retail keys, pure and simple (unless they are VLs ;) ). BUT you can only DL during the year, after that you are SOL...BUT you can still access your keys.

Only catch is they are for 'evaluation use only" AND for YOU only. No sharing, but if you evaluate everything on your system for forever MS does not care as long as you are not using it in a business PRODUCTION setting (test server is OK).

Last time I checked it was about 350 USD for a new account, but w/ the coupon and exchange rate it works out to be about 340CND (including taxes) for the "direct" version (i.e. no discs in the mail). Cool thing is these discounts come up all the time AND work on existing accounts for CHEAP 1yr extensions. Every once in awhile you can get it for 99USD....BUT with Win 7 coming out so soon, that deal prolly will not appear for at least another 6mths.

Cool thing is if you "need" more than 10 keys a simple telephone call is all that is needed to get more...and each key can activate 10 systems before the need to phone in to activate 'em which ALWAYS works

Remember NO sharing (personal use only), no live business use, and NO selling of the keys. Don't break those 3 rules and MS doesn't really care what you do with 'em.

YMMV but I got hooked on it years and years ago when I got a year for free when I got my MCSE. Now I reup when I need something expensive...or get a coupon for a free year ;)

EDIT: here is a link for it
TechNet Plus Subscriptions: TechNet subscribers get TechNet Plus downloads and product keys, support, and more | Subscribe to TechNet Plus Subscriptions | Get Windows 7 Beta Now

and their blog about what is new for DL:
TechNet Plus Blog
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