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Default Missed the Windows 7 RC Download Boat

Yes, I am probably one of the very few around here that didn't download Windows 7 RC from the Microsoft site before it was lifted at noon today. I am in the process of putting together all of the parts for an I7 build and was thinking that I would have all of the components by about October - when the "real" version is to be released. In fact, I had pre-purchased Windows 7 with that in mind.

To make a long story longer, it looks like I will have all the parts for my build sooner rather than later - so I wanted to download the "official" RC version before it was removed. However, this morning was very hectic and I lost track of time - until it was too late.

Anyways, my question is - can anyone suggest a secure site to download RC now? A search on Google reveals virtually hundreds of places but I don't want a virus, trojan, etc. :help:
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