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My System Specs


Yipes - 5 pages before I get a chance to post

Regarding the audio - Apologies for it being rather low. I'm working with some headphones that evidently have some issues as it sounded relatively "high" during editting
Yet after I uploaded it and listened on another computer with speakers I couldn't even hear the intro music at a normal level

Needless to say I am investing in some new speakers - that should fix any audio discrepencies for the future

Also the video was a bit longer than I had hoped - I got ancy myself when watching it at about the 5 minute mark. There were just so many features that couldn't be overlooked Hopefully we can streamline things a bit more in the future to cut out a few of "extra" words and descriptions. You can only say how awesome something is so many times

Regarding my wire mangement - I definitely didn't take the time I could have... I took 5 minutes to install the WHOLE computer including wiring
I can barely do that with an desktop work station.

Worst case scenario you may have to take double that and do a perfect job.

Really, aside from the watercooling it is a great case. It has the same sort of look as the Antec 900/1200, but the cable management is light years ahead. It is definitely hefty with solid steel, but if your not packing it around - who cares!

Lian-Li/Lancool have added so many features to this thing I can't understand the $125CAD price tag. Looking at Lian-Li's $400 Tyr-X1000 case, it doesn't even have all of the cool stuff that this does.

Unquestionably this thing is up for Mid-Tower of the year
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