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My System Specs



The key physical characteristic determining equivalent series
inductance (ESL) of a capacitor is the size of the current loop
it creates. The smaller the current loop, the lower the ESL. A
standard surface mount MLCC is rectangular in shape with
electrical terminations on its shorter sides. A Low Inductance
Chip Capacitor (LICC) sometimes referred to as Reverse
Geometry Capacitor (RGC) has its terminations on the longer
side of its rectangular shape.
When the distance between terminations is reduced, the size
of the current loop is reduced. Since the size of the current
loop is the primary driver of inductance, an 0306 with a
smaller current loop has significantly lower ESL then an 0603.
The reduction in ESL varies by EIA size, however, ESL is
typically reduced 60% or more with an LICC versus a

standard MLCC.
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