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The computer's already built... the 550W just happened to be on sale, with a mail in rebate (gag), so I figured why not? And... I guess I'm counting chickens before they hatch - but the DDR2 1000 RAM was a $2 over the cheapest DDR2 800 RAM available from NCIX at the time ASSUMING rebates come in. Same story with the PSU - I'm counting on a $33 rebate to get full value on that one. I probably would have preferred a Seagate or WD hard disk - but with her budget, I couldn't argue with a $70 1TB hard disk. If she had even just $20 or $30 more she could spend, I probably would have done things a little bit differently.

Also - I have to admit - PSU's aren't an area of strength of mine when it comes to knowledge - I figured I'd rather be significantly over requirements rather than uncomfortably close to minimum - so, being a bit of a chicken in that regard, I'd rather just buy a big PSU, and know I don't have a problem.

I'm almost thinking I should have given her my GPU like you sad CanadaRox... but I'm kinda determined to wait until closer to Christmas - if I'm going to upgrade from a 4670, I want it to be for the 5800 series - or at least for as cheap a 4870 as I can get

Thanks for the reviews guys - helps me to feel I did right by her with that computer.
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