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My System Specs


omgwtf, sswilson is right.... Yes, I do now have 2 Quads and one E6400. First Quad was bought full price, then I bought the E6400 from pscout - both are mainly for folding and tests. Then I had the opportunity to buy a second Quad for 150$... couldn't resist.

I upgraded my main rig to the P35C - Quad - XFX 8800GTS XXX combo, which will be used for folding, some games and my girlfriend's video editing.

Steve, the Quad is a monster for all applications, where the video card is only used at its peak when gaming - price vs. usage? The Quad wins. And since the card was just released, the price may drop a bit more. But then again, the new Intels are coming (12Mb cache....) and the new 98xx nVidia cards are around the corner too...

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