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Ok, first off what plan are you on? This is taken straight from rogers' website, though look on the page where the asterisk is and copy/paste the wording from it:

What are the monthly usage allowances for my Rogers Hi-Speed Internet service? Each Rogers Hi-Speed Internet service offers a generous monthly usage allowance.
Ultra Lite – 2 GB
Lite – 25 GB
Express – 60 GB
Extreme / Extreme Plus – 95 GB
Please note: The grandfathered Ultra Lite and Lite monthly usage allowance is 60 GB. Also, Rogers Portable Internet and dial-up services do not have usage allowances at this time.

Will I be charged if I go beyond my monthly usage allowance?
Yes. If you exceed your monthly usage allowance, you will be charged as follows:
Ultra Lite – $5.00/GB to a maximum of $25.00
Lite – $2.50/GB to a maximum of $25.00
Express – $2.00/GB to a maximum of $25.00
Extreme – $1.50/GB to a maximum of $25.00
Extreme Plus – $1.25/GB to a maximum of $25.00
Please note: the grandfathered Ultra Lite over-allowance fee is $5.00/GB with no maximum, and the grandfathered Lite over-allowance fee is $3.00/GB with no maximum.

How can I calculate my additional usage and charges? The usage tool tracks your usage in megabytes. To convert your usage into gigabytes and calculate your additional charges, follow these steps:
1. Over usage = (“Total Usage” MINUS “Service Includes”) DIVIDED BY 1,024
2. Round down to the nearest gigabyte
3. Over-usage charge = Over usage in GB (from Step #1) MULTIPLIED BY $1.25
For example:
Total Usage: 128,522 MB
Service Includes: 90,000 MB
1. Over usage in GB = (128,522 – 90,000) / 1,024 = 37.62 GB
2. Round down to the nearest gigabyte = 37 GB
3. Over-usage charge = 37 X $1.25 = $46.25
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