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Default Sometimes you just get lucky

I've been meaning to put together a half decent stereo system for a while now. I'll pop in to different audio stores and take a listen to what they have etc. The last place I went to had Angstrom speakers (which I never heard of before) and took a listen to the Modular 2's and the 10i sub. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the sound. I think the thing that really caught my attention was that the sub perfectly matched the speakers and you couldn't tell it was there. By far the most musical sub I've ever heard. I did find the speakers a bit bright for my liking but I've always been very sensitive to the higher frequencies. I tested out some B&W's and the only ones I kinda liked were well outside of my price range.

Anyways, I was trying to do some research on Angstrom speakers and didn't really find much at all. But during my research I came across someone who was selling a 10i for $250 (regular price of $849 Can). Needless to say I jumped on it right away. I then called a dealer just outside of Ottawa and he had a used pair of Modular 2's that he was willing to sell me for $450 including shipping and taxes (regular price of $650-$700). Plus it was black which was the same colour as the sub I was going to buy. I didn't think twice and put the order in for those. As I was on the phone with him I got an email from the guy with the sub and he said he had a used pair of the Angstrom Omega 5's in black (older version of the Mod 2's) that he would let go for $150. They would be perfect for the rears so I ended up grabbing those too haha.

All told I spent $850 on what would have cost me almost $2500 if I were to purchase new from the store. I guess sometimes things are just meant to be.

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