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My System Specs


RAID0 Might benefit nicely in benchmarks, but it gets no where near double the performance in real world tasks. RAID-0 was the hot shit when SSD's were first out any everyone was doing it. People are starting to realize that the performance isn't there. To take advantage of RAID0 you really need a high-end Areca controller (every other manufacturers add considerable latency). On ICH10R, games, photoshop, Windows bootup, general application launching there was almost zero increase in speed when I went w/ a 2nd drive. I have my doubt that when the other two X25-M's arrive that it will add any performance (under these tasks) until I get myself a good Areca card. However if you are transferring files, or working w/ videos obviously the added throughput of RAID0 will help. But in these tasks, HDD's are just as good.
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