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MSI X-Slim X600 Summary
1.With a 15.6" LCD and weighing just 2.1kg, this should be the lightest large notebook now available.
2.The matt chassis with special glossy coating and slim form-factor looks good.
3.The product is well packaged while the bundled carry bag looks good and is made of quality materials.
4.The I/O ports included D-SUB and HDMI outputs. It also has eSATA so offers good expandability.
5. 6-cell battery offers good endurance with over 4 hours of battery life when either surfing the net wirelessly or playing videos.
6.DDR2 RAM runs at 800MHz for high performance while the HITACHI 5400RPM 320GB 2.5 HDD delivers performance and very quiet operation.
7.The wireless card is the Intel Wi-Fi Link 5100 with support of 802.11 a/g/n. It can also be upgraded to support WiMAX.
8.The cooling system is well constructed so despite its greater air flow, there wasn't really any noticeable noise. The chassis itself also does not get too hot.

1.Keyboard could use something that offers better feedback.
2.While the mirror-finish LCD is expected on a value-segment model, a matt-finish screen would be better.
3.Not enough bass response on the speakers.
4.The resolution of the WebCam could be better.

Performance ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Construction ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Specifications ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Appearance ★★★★★★★★★☆
Cost vs. Performance ★★★★★★★★★☆

Below is my personal experience of the 2nd generation Dolby Surround Sound from the 4 underside speakers.
The upper range response was quite good but didn't come across as sharp, even at high volumes.
The mid-range response was also above average.
Vocals were quite solid although it did seem a little overwhelmed by the upper ranges.
The lower range was where the performance was a little lacking. Unfortunately the bass just was not deep enough.
The 4 speakers did give the kind of surround sound not usually found on a notebook. This is an unusual touch.

As for performance of the WebCam: the lighting was a little low during the test and the pixels looked a little big.
However, the natural colors were a strong point and so this feature was above average.

The MSI X-Slim series initially generated a lot of discussion because of its external similarity to a product of another brand.
On the other hand, this type of slim notebooks used to be targeted at the premium end of the market while the MSI X-Slim is aimed at the value-segment.
While other brands have launched CULV products, amongst those of the same size and specifications the MSI X-Slim is still the lightest offering on the market.
Personally, I think that's what consumers want. The future of the market is in lighter and more affordable notebooks.

The X600 has a large screen and is quite thin as well. For consumers used to large notebooks, it means they now have the option of picking one that weighs just 2.1kg.
MSI X-Slim X600 is priced at around NT$28000 in Taiwan and you might be able to find it for less in some places.
This pricing is lower than that of other products of the same type as well.
MSI has released some quite competitive products over the last two years,
and I hope they will continue to offer more great value notebook products for consumers to choose from in the future. :)

Since I have a Spyder2 calibrator lying around. Here is my calibration file for any X600 users who might need it.
windwithme MSI X-Slim X600
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