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PCMark Vantage

Vista performance benchmarks

The system performance was above-average. The good DRAM and HDD performance set the tone for smoothness during general use.
Although the X600 was loaded with the VISTA system,
it didn't feel any slower during use compared to other dual-core, quad-core or even faster computer systems.

DRAM memory
MSI X600 comes with 2 x 2GB DDR2800
Sandra Memory Bandwidth-4417MB/s
EVEREST Memory Read-5301MB/s

DDR2 800's performance is about the same as many notebooks that use DDR3.
DRAM performance is also one of the X600's strong points.

HITACHI 7K500 test
2.5" 320GB 5400rpm edition

Maximum read/write speed approaches the 70~75Mb/s level and the average read/write was around 60MB/s.
This is probably the best-performing 5400rpm HDD on the market.
Its performance even surpasses that of previous generation 7200rpm products.
HITACHI is one of my preferred brands for 2.5" HDD as well. What really stands out is how quiet it is. You don't really notice it during ordinary use.

3D performance
ATI Radeon HD4330 512MB

3DMARK 2003

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1366 X 768

The 3DMARK results show that its performance is about 4 times better than the integrated Intel GMA 4500MHD.
When run with the latest StreetFighter IV Benchmark, even at a resolution of 1366x768 it achieved a frame rate of over 26 fps.
While the ATI HD4330 is not the most powerful notebook graphics card available, it offers a good balance between performance and power consumption.

Battery endurance
6-cell battery lasted 2:52:30.
Battery Eater Pro (Wireless networking and Bluetooth switched off, 50% LCD brightness)

This is excellent endurance for a notebook like this with a large LCD screen and discrete graphics card.
During the Battery Eater Pro test the CPU was under full load with 3D graphics turned up so the time was a little shorter.
However, when it was switched to cinema mode, the X600 battery lasted more than 4 hours.
This was close to the 4 hours and 30 minutes claimed on the official website.

System performance benchmarks when loaded with Windows 7 7600 RTM.

PCMark Vantage

Compared with Vista there was not much difference in hardware performance with Windows 7.
This is because Windows 7 is less DRAM intensive.
Windows 7 resource demands are about the same as those of Windows XP and it has the Vista interface.
This should become a very popular OS in the future.
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