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Default The ultra-slim 15.6" CULV Notebook MSI X-Slim X600 in-depth review

MSI has made great inroads into the notebook market in the past two years.
With the launch of the Atom-equipped U100 last year, MSI successfully boosted its brand profile and consumers' confidence in the MSI brand.
In 2009 MSI released a new line of CULV based notebook products the X-Slim series.

The first were two 13.3" CULV products in May the X-Slim X340 and X340 Pro.
At this time, the only other product in this segment was the ACER 3810T.
But the X340 weighed just 1.33kg and had the advantage over the 1.68kg ACER 3810T.
There were also differences in their design and materials.

As new CULV notebooks came on the market, it became apparent that Atom Netbooks with small 10 screens were no longer enough for some users.
It also meant that business Netbooks that provided slimness at a premium were not under threat from the lower-priced CULV systems.

In August, MSI released another two X-Slim products, the 14" X400 and the 15.6" X600.
This review looks at the X600 with the discrete graphics card. Although this is a large notebook, it weighs a mere 2.1kg.
This is a breakthrough compared to the 3 ~ 3.6kg weight range of the earlier 15.6 ~ 16" models.

First, we have the X-Slim X600's outer packaging with its standard X graphics.

The X600 comes out of the box with a protective film over the top cover.

On opening the top cover you will find protective cotton fabric over the keyboard and another protective film on the LCD.

The backpack included with the X600 looks good and has the feel of quality.

The inside is lined with blue cloth.

The power supply is the compact type now in common use and made by DELTA.
It's good to see that it does not heat up too much during charging.

A manual, warranty card and bundled software are included in the box.

The wired mouse has stow-away cabling and is compact and handy to use.

Unlike X340, the mark on the X600 is not back-lit but standard printed graphics.

The glossy top cover has a special coating that is resistant to finger prints.
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