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Looks like a pretty solid rig. I'd STRONGLY recommend you order from NCIX and use with NCIX's pricematch feature as you'll definitely save a few bucks. You can probably also find a 4890 for cheaper than that 4870 you have. Personally I'd spend a bit more on a keyboard as you will notice the difference. You don't need some crazy $100 gaming keyboard, but you will definitely be much happier with a bit better of a keyboard. Also, the Antec 900 is notorious for being a terrible case for cable management, so you might want to look into a different case or a modular PSU.

I don't see a heatsink in there, but the stock one will come with some thermal paste on it. If you plan on overclocking the Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is a great heatsink and I remember reading it can have any orientation on an AM2/3 board which some heatsinks can't do.
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