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Default My first build; need someone to double check my parts

Hello there HardwareCanucks!

I've been a long time reader of this sites reviews; love how this site is laid out and the quality and quantity of reviews being put out.

But today is not a day for me to read reviews, no, today is a day for you to review me!

I recently came into a bit of money (around 1500CAD) and decided I wanted to get a gaming rig. I played around with the idea of getting one pre made, but was always fascinated by the whole build process. I'd always done small repairs or upgrades to friends of family's PCs, but never a full build.

After looking at a few websites, and realizing how much I was being charged over what it actually cost, I decided that I would build my own... and what an experience its been just picking out parts!

Anyway, this is what I've ended up coming up with... - Once You Know, You Newegg

It falls right in line with my budget, $1,323.09 CAD after taxes/shipping. I do have a bit of wiggle room thought. The most I'm willing to spend is 1500CAD, but I never want to spend more then I need to and did some research on cost/value and decided on the pieces I did.

Now, if I'm 100% wrong on a certain piece and an upgrade is an order, the let me know! I'm not hoping for some crazy quad-crossfire uber machine of death; but something that can play most games at 1680 x 1050 without hickuping on Ultra High and maybe even with a little AA and AF.

I really appreciate your time and effort; I really hope I can give something back to the Canuks community at some point, as you've guys already helped me so much already with your reviews.

Again, thank you!

Also, one last thing. For thermal paste, the heatsink/fan I chose comes with some generic stuff. With the CPU I've chosen, would it be worth my while to go get some Artic Silver?
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