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My System Specs



Well, finally got around to opening the package.

I can't believe they gave me the wrong colour of tube coils...
Unfortunately, it's late here, so this is all I have for today.

More pictures and updates tomorrow. Look forward to it.

Update 2:

Alright, with a new day comes new pictures! Won't be typing much here since I know many of us barely take the time to read text anyway.

Unboxing everything.

Forgot to take a picture of the GTZ packaging... so here's just a reflective picture.

Well that's all I have for now. I've done more, but too lazy to upload the pictures at the moment.

Will do some small flushing/ cleaning pictures, though while doing them, I forgot to take pictures. Will post the few that I have. Turns out it's one.

Update 3:

Well here come the cleaning and leak testing picture.

Filling the rad with hot water, doing some shaking, empty, repeat.
Final flush is done with distilled water.

Blocks were taken apart and brushed with a tooth brush to get rid of any residue under hot water. Rinsed with distilled.

Everything else was rinsed with distilled before being put together.

Mini loop put up for leak testing. Next few are just pictures of the loop.

First few minutes came up with some crazy leaks. Turns out all of them were caused because the barbs were not tight enough. Lesson learned?

A set if clamps I got were locked and thus I was unable to put clamps my pump... No leaks yet though. Will be buying some clamps from the hardware store or just order some more.

Been running for about 20 hours now, no leaks after being fixed.

Will not have access to my computer until about 2 more weeks. Updates will come then.

Look forward to it.

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