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Default Another P182 Water Cooling Log

Kind of a new member here, but I thought I'd post this here for those who are like me and are starting water cooling for their first time.
I know the P182 isn't the best case for water cooling, but I bought it almost a year back and it's been great. I don't exactly want to spend another $150 on a HAF 932.
Anyway, moving on to the point of this. This will be my first water cooling attempt after almost 2 months or so of research and reading other logs. Here's the set up.
  • CPU: Intel E8400 C0
  • Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro
  • RAM: Corsair XMS2 PC6400C4 2x1GB (I need to upgrade this soon )
  • Graphics: Asus EAH4870 DK 512MB (not installed yet, will come with my WC gear)
  • Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB and Seagate 7200.11 1TB (firmware flashed)
  • Power Supply: Corsair TX650W
  • Chassis: Antec P182
The water cooling parts are as follows;
  • Pump: Swiftech MCP655 Vario
  • Rad: Swiftech MCR320
  • CPU Block: Swiftech Apogee GTZ
  • NB Block: Swiftech MCW30
  • VGA Block: Swiftech MCW60-R2
  • Reservoir: Swiftech MCRES-Micro Rev.2
  • Radbox: Swiftech MCB-120 (Holy that's a lot of Swiftech!)
  • Tubing: Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT 1/2'' ID UV Blue
  • Coolant: Good ol' Distilled Water
Of course there's a lot of other nice accessories including anti-kink tube coils, some MX-2, a bunch of Enzotech sinks, some Bitspower 1/2'' barbs, worm drive clamps, some UV cathodes, and Gelid fans.
For those unaware of it, there is no need for a biocide as the tubing has a "built in" one. I'll let you guys know how this goes without any additives such as hydrx.
I won't have access to my new parts until next week, so I'll probably update then. For now, here are some internal pictures of the case.

My proposed set up... any problems?

For those curious of clearance between lower chamber fan and hard drives.

For now, I won't be doing any drilling (don't exactly have the tools for it, it's a long story).

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll keep updating and post some new pictures by next week.
As for my suggested loop, does everything look okay?:help:
I don't think I forgot anything... If I did, please let me know and I'll fix it.
All help is appreciated.

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