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My System Specs


Not sure why everyone suddenly suggest XFX over all other ATI brands. Sure they have the best warranty, but otherwise it's just a reference card. It's not like they do anything to make the card itself better that I'm aware of.

I've owned:
Diamond HD4850 - horrible support, but at the same time it was my fault for it breaking and lets not get into ethical issues. So even though it took me like 2 months to get a hold of Diamond, at least they took the RMA and sent me a working card back.
HIS HD4850 ICEQ4 - still running fine, no complaints. Used better Samsung memory instead of Qimonda.
Sapphire HD4890 Vapor-X - liking the Vapor-X design - better components and better/quieter heatsink

Typically you'll never have to use warranty if you treat the card properly, as in make sure it has adequate airflow and don't attempt to do anything to it physically. And if you don't OC then your chances are even higher of it not dying on you. And the odd time you might get a defective card, it's usually within 30 days so you could deal with NCIX directly (or wherever you buy it).

That's just my thoughts though.
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