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My System Specs


NCIX is awsome. Their service is bar none, and they always have stock on the commonly bought stuff. Hell, half the time they have stock on the rarely bought stuff too

And when in doubt, price match. Ive only had NCIX turn me down once on a price match. That was on a Vertex 120gb from Newegg that they were selling below cost. Use the "Price Comapre" button at the top. Its the best engine around imo.

As to your rig questions;

The x3 720 is a kickass processor. I'd be one for trying my luck to unlock, but I'm one of the same people that buys processor based upon their ability to overclock. I love things for nothing . You listed Photoshop as one of your main uses of the computer. If you MUST have the cores, pay for them. Dont risk not being able to unlock the core. I would also highly recommend thinking about i5/i7 or even Core2Quad if Photoshop is your main beast. If your main vice is actually gaming, and you dont -really- need that 4th core, grab the x3 720 and shoot for the unlock! .

Good choice on the ram, my 3 personal ram types are Mushkin, Gskill, and Corsair.

GTX 275's are the bomb, if you fold. I love mine. But I dual monitor game at high resolutions, too. If you dont fold, or play at high resolutions, get a 4870 or 4890. Similar performance at lesser resolutions, for less money.

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